When people hear I’m a full-time, working mom who decided to start a non-profit ministry, the questions start flooding in.  How? When? Where?

As I share this story with them, they agree that answering those questions became – however, right now and right here.

Our Story

In the Summer of 2015, I was expecting our 4th child – our 3rd little girl! Our sweet friends and family wanted to throw us a baby shower. How generous?!

But, something about it just didn’t seem right.

See, I’d already been blessed by family and friends during our last three pregnancies.  Yet, expecting moms in the community didn’t have the first diaper or clean onesie to welcome home their little blessing.

Well, the Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways.  With this internal struggle going on, I ran out to pick the girls up from school.  The radio station, still tuned to 88.3 from the movie they watched the night before, typically brought in straight static.  But, this hot, summer day, it brought the signal through clear as day.

A published author and talk show host shared how she involved her children in small acts of service to help instill in them the beauty of a servant’s heart.  One idea she posed was hosting a community baby shower.  Everyone likes buying for babies – right?!

So, I felt the undeniable nudge (well – shove) to throw my baby shower for a local non-profit instead.

Our First Event

The invite list grew from a few close family and friends to hundreds of women in the community.

From the outpouring of donations benefiting one of our partnering non-profits, Alamance Pregnancy Services, I saw the generosity of the hearts of the women of Alamance County as tables were filled with thousands of diapers, hundreds of wipes, tens of outfits, brand new cribs and car seats.

tables filled from local non-profit her community baby shower donations

The reality is women within walking distance of our houses, in rooms down the hall at work, and even in our closest circle of friends are in need of restoration. See, we all make up “Her” Community, “Our” community.  

Our Logo

Being born as “heirs to the throne of Christ” (Romans 8:17) we are all royal in His eyes.  We can trust each other for support and lift one another up by extending grace and blessing one another one kind act at a time.  This thought is depicted in our logo – the HC tiara

Your Calling

We foresee this ministry becoming a central hub for all women to connect with, both those hurting and those ready to serve, and hope you feel led to join in our efforts. Whether it be time, energy, prayer, resources, or talents we all have a variety of blessings to offer our community during every phase of our lives. The struggle is finding where and figuring out how we can make the most impact when the timing is right.  

By establishing this organization, we pray that those women seeking aid will find their voice and those eager to help will hear their calling.

Let’s join together and bloom where we’ve been planted.